Tighten up your drawers

This week on Adam Tilted, I solve two problems at once: My utensil caddies sliding around in my kitchen drawers, and being overrun by plastic grocery bags. Enjoy! My utensil drawer is too deep for my utensil caddy. As a result, the caddy tends to slide to the back of the drawer after opening and closing the drawer over and over. This has been true for every drawer and every caddy I have ever known. Sometimes I can find a small something to fit in that space, but there's always extra wiggle that moves things around after a while. This is either a conspiracy or a vast oversight. Either way, it's a problem to be solved.

I'm on a lot of medication sometimes. (If you're wondering why, hop over to the About Adam Tilted page) This means that I sometimes find myself standing in the kitchen (holding on to the counter). Just standing there. I'm not sure for how long. Then I notice that I've opened a cabinet. I don't remember why at first. On this caddy-problem-solving day, this happened and I had opened the cabinet under the sink where I usually stuff all of the plastic bags after someone goes grocery shopping. Bags had spilled out onto the kitchen floor as if from a plastic bag volcano. It's not easy to avoid these where I live, especially since I have to depend on delivery services so much. I try to reuse these as much as possible (having a dog helps), but they still accumulate.

And then I Tilted.

I grabbed a bunch of bags and started stuffing them in the gap in the back of the drawer. I stuffed them in pretty tight and a lot of bags fit in there. I tucked some in the side to really customize the fit. Those caddies weren't moving. It ended up like this:

Problem solved. Caddies no longer moved. New problem. Drawer looks like a recycling bin. I can do better than that. I just need something to cover the bags...

I have an old t-shirt that I love but really should get rid of. It doesn't fit and it's worn, but it's clean. So I'll use that.

The side caddy is plexi, so I wanted to see the Puma logo through that. (My sibs will give me crap for that.) I lined it up and trimmed it with scissors.

The gap on the side of the drawer was small enough that the shirt filled it once I tucked the extra in, so I didn't need any bags. I used the rest of the shirt to tuck over the bags in the back. Now the drawer looks like this:

The caddies don't slide around anymore and those plastic bags are taking up useless space in my drawer instead of valuable space in a landfill somewhere. As a bonus, I reused a t-shirt. Not bad for a day's work, although I never did remember why I had opened the cabinet under the sink.