A Quick Health Update

SFMOMA  by Adam Brown

SFMOMA by Adam Brown

I'll have a regular submission this week, but I wanted to give a quick update on my health for those of you that are keeping track. First, though, I want to thank you for following along on Adam Tilted. The response has been overwhelming and has given me an energy boost when I really needed one.

As of the last update, I had improved to the point where I thought I could do some part time work. I was able to get about two hours of productive time in before I would need to rest and I could do that twice a day pretty consistently for a few weeks. Well, I should have known that two weeks was not a large enough sample size. Since then, I've had migraines and dizziness for days at a time. I'm back to throwing up nearly every day.

I still have good days, and I'm still so much better than I was before. It's just a slow process and I'm going to have to be patient. I hate being patient.

So, the doctor won't clear me for work, obviously. I'm still stuck in paperwork hell with disability/unemployment or whatever they decide I'm eligible for. Oh, and there seems to be some confusion about whether I quit my job or was laid off and it's on me to clear up the confusion. It's really frustrating that the sick guy has the burden of doing everything to get a little help.

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