Three Galaxies in One Shot

Image Credit: Adam Brown

I'm getting better at processing these images without getting the colors all out of whack, as you can tell from the above image of the Andromeda galaxy compared to my first try:

Andromeda Galaxy |  Image Credit: Adam Brown

Andromeda Galaxy | Image Credit: Adam Brown

Big difference, right? I've still got too much blue in the new image and there are some alignment issues, but I'm getting there.

As I was reprocessing the image of Andromeda, I was delighted to discover that I got THREE galaxies in this photo.

Image Credit: Adam Brown

Image Credit: Adam Brown

Andromeda has two bright elliptical galaxies as satellites, Messier 32 and Messier 110. All three of these galaxies are about 2.9 million light years from our galaxy. These galaxies and ours (the Milky Way) are part of the Local Group. For more information about these galaxies, you can check out the Messier Object Index.

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