Sinus Iridium (on the Moon)

Image Credit: Adam Brown

I captured this image of the Waning Crescent Moon on Jan 15, 2015. To me, any image of the Moon is beautiful, but something caught my eye in this one. (Click to see a larger version)

Near the top of the crescent, you can see what looks like a crater with a well-defined ridge. That is Sinus Iridium.

Image Credit: Adam Brown

Sinus Iridium isn't a crater. It's a flat volcanic plain with a ridge around it. It's also where China landed the Chang'e 3 spacecraft and deployed the Yutu rover on December 13, 2013.

As I said, this is a Waning Crescent Moon from Jan 15, 2015. By the time of this post, we'll be past New Moon (when the Moon is between Earth and the Sun) and into Waning Crescent. The next time you'll be able to see Sinus Iridium will be around Jan 28-29.

As for what to look for in the skies now, check out Jupiter high in the east in the late evening and low in the west in the morning. From Houston, I've been able to see Jupiter as late as 10 minutes after sunrise. I took this one with my iPhone on the 17th and I could still see it this morning. All of this is assuming you live in North America and your results may vary ;)

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