Beautiful rings

Saturn is one of my favorite planets. I'll bet some of you agree. It's hard not to be awestruck by the glorious and intricate ring system surrounding the gas giant.

Saturn just passed opposition, which is when it's position in the sky is directly opposite from the sun. This puts Saturn in a great position for viewing. As an added bonus, the rings are tilted towards us right now.

I've been waiting to get a good photo of Saturn. There have been some equipment failures and weather issues that have been getting in the way, but I finally captured the image above. That's the "auto-processed" image, but it's quite beautiful just the same. If I get some time, I'll play with the raw files to see if I can tease out more details. In the meantime, enjoy the lord of the rings.

Saturn is now rising in the east as the sun is setting in the west. It's a fairly bright, yellowish object. If you have a small backyard telescope, take a look. You'll probably be able to see the rings and maybe even some of the bands of color.

Adam BrownComment