Finding the Summer Triangle and More Fun with the Moon and Saturn

There will be an interesting sky configuration tonight that looks pretty and can help you find some constellations. 

First, the Moon, Saturn and the star Antares form a triangle to the south. Antares has a red tint to it, so the ancients named it Antares, meaning "rival of Mars." Antares is in the constellation Scorpius.

See that bright star to the left (east) of the image? That is Altair, one of the stars that make up the Summer Triangle. Like the Big Dipper, the Summer Triangle isn't an official constellation, but it is easy to spot and helps find other constellations. The other two stars in the Triangle are Vega and Deneb.

Altair is in the constellation Aquila, Deneb is in Cygnus, and Vega is in Lyra.

Now go outside, look up, and impress your friends. Happy stargazing!

Adam BrownComment