Hear the Maths

Image Credit:   mediateletipos.net

Image Credit: mediateletipos.net

I listened to different music today than usual. A random Spotify playlist. I noticed that I chose different tasks than usual as well. There were other differences in my morning routine, but it reminded me of the power of music. 

A song can remind me of something very specific, or change my mood (for better or worse), or bring me back to a past time in my life, or inspire me to hope for something in the future. The way we connect with music is intense. Even sounds occurring in the environment can leave a lasting imprint. The chipping of crickets. The click-clack of a train. The pattern of someone's footsteps. These patterns of tones form lasting and vivid impressions in our brains.

Music is math. The reason a collection of notes sounds pleasing is that they are all based on the same ratio. That's a math lesson I'm not going into now. I just realized that we hear math often. Normally, when I think of math being all around us, I think of examples I can see. The swirl in a flower or galaxy comes to mind.

I like that I can l both look at and listen to math. I wonder if we can taste it?


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