Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto, and the Hamburger Galaxy

I've been waiting for the weather in Chile to clear so that I can get some images of Saturn. My plan was to show how it appears to get bigger throughout the month. Saturn is getting closer to us as we all orbit the sun. Unfortunately, the weather in Chile hasn't been cooperating and my missions haven't been able to run.

I finally gave up on Chile and scheduled some missions for the telescopes in the Canary Islands. Success! These images haven't been processed yet to bring out their full glory, but they turned out nice just as they are. Click on any of the images to see a larger view.

I got this image of Saturn

Image Credit: Adam Brown

Saturn and Mars are easily visible in the pre-dawn sky. Look to the south and you'll see bright red Mars. Saturn is to the upper left. Antares, "rival of Mars," is the smaller reddish star below Mars.

I also got an image of Pluto, but it's hard to pick out in the field of stars:

Where's Pluto? Image Credit: Adam Brown

I'm hoping to get more images of Pluto over the next week or so and create an animation to show it moving against the backdrop of stars.

The clouds parted in Chile just long enough for me to snap an image of the great Jupiter

Image Credit: Adam Brown

I think once I process this image a bit we'll be able to see at least two moons. If you click on the image to enlarge it, you might be able to see two faint dots to the right and upper right of Jupiter.

How about a Hamburger? The Hamburger Galaxy, that is. Officially known as NGC 3628, the Hamburger Galaxy is part of the Leo Triplet along with spiral galaxies M65 and M66. Here's a wide view that shows the triplet. The Hamburger Galaxy is at the top

Image Credit: Adam Brown

And here's a closer view of the Hamburger Galaxy:

Image Credit: Adam Brown

Happy stargazing!