From blah to RAH! Adam gets his smile back.

It's been four years since I had a job. A had a job that I loved, but then I got sick. Being disabled and unable to work made me feel like a loser. I've always worked. Since I was 14, I've had some sort of job. Being completely out of the workforce eroded my self-esteem. What was I offering? I'm lucky to have a wonderful husband who takes care of everything, but I want to be able to contribute to our financial security. Social Security just doesn't cut it.

Since acquiring the balance disorder that put me out of work, I've been looking for a new purpose. My entire professional life has been dedicated to education in one form or another. I enjoy talking to people and am comfortable with public speaking. I decided to become an advocate for people with disabilities and promote a healthy lifestyle.

I will give workshops and talks on how to interact with people with disabilities, how to make your environment more accessible, etc. I've been working on building that business, and it's going well. It takes a long time to build that up a point where I'm making money, though.

Recently, I found a team of entrepreneurs whose vision aligns with mine. As anyone with chronic health issues will tell you, the medications we have to take have side effects that are sometimes worse than the condition itself! I'm on so many different medications and I can't imagine the havoc they are wreaking on my body chemistry. I make an effort to look for ways to reduce my exposure to additional toxins. I finally found a product line that is based on natural healing practices and also backed by scientific research!

The best part is that while I am advocating for people with disabilities and promoting healthy lifestyle choices, I also have a line of amazing products that I represent to help people achieve those goals. Now, I'm no salesman. I hate selling stuff. I absolutely LOVE representing these products, though, because I love them! I use them myself and they have improved my health, given me more energy, and gotten me excited about life again. I had nearly given up, but now I've found a way to help people AND earn an income on my own terms. There's no way that I could manage a traditional full-time job with my current health situation. Social media has changed the game. Now I can work when I want, how I want, and as hard as I want. Or, not at all. I get out of it what I put in and my boss (me!) will give me all the time off I need.

You don't have to be stuck. More and more people are dumping the "traditional" way of earning a living and finding ways to monetize what they love. That's what I'm doing. If I can do it, so can you! Working for myself, bringing in money, helping people look better and live healthier lives: this is my dream come true.

If you notice me smiling more, now you know why.