Adam Fixes His Face: Day 7

I'm amazed at these results! I knew it would work and I'm still amazed. My skin is completely transformed after 7 days, with no prescriptions and no harmful chemicals.

How is this possible? I cleared up my face using a combination of botanicals (known by ancients for their benefits) and the cutting-edge technology of the Facial Spa (it uses one of the Fundamental Forces of the universe to work it's magic!). My target areas were the seborrheic dermatitis spots. Those are virtually gone.

The Spa also enhanced my face in some other ways. My overall skin tone is more even. Several dark spots faded completely (high on the right side of my forehead). My eyes are lifted. The smile line on the left is less pronounced. My forehead is much smoother.

I'm so excited to rock this event tomorrow! I love the way my skin looks. That makes a big difference.

I've learned a lot about skincare over the last year. If you are dealing with a skin issue, let me know. Maybe I can help. 


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