Luna 1 and the coming year (+SKYWATCH ALERT)

Credit: NASA

Credit: NASA

On this day, January 2, in 1959, the Russians successfully launched Luna 1 beyond the influence of Earth's gravity. Luna 1 is the first object made by humans to leave Earth's gravity and orbit the sun.

Since then, we have deployed numerous robotic spacecraft to study our solar system and the universe beyond, but it all started with Luna 1. No one knew what would happen to an object launched out of our gravity well. No one knew if it was even possible. They did it anyway.

As I've been reflecting over the past year (like you have, I'm sure), I notice that I have a hard time getting started. Once I get going on something, I'm all in, but getting started is tough. Maybe it's fear, lack of confidence, laziness...who knows? Whatever it is, it has been getting in my way and it's time to go.

2017 will be about ACTION. Taking that first step, no matter how scary, towards those goals that I have set for myself.

2017 is my Lunar 1.


Over the next few nights, the waxing crescent moon will be passing by Saturn and Mars. Look to the east after sunset.